22 February 2021 By Alexa Lloyd Off

What Is Sports Psychology?

Sports is broadly defined as any physical activity which involves some degree of competitive effort, like basketball or netball. Many forms of competitive athletics and some games are also termed sports. In the UK, there are many different types of sports such as football (football being the English language’s term for soccer), rugby, hockey, cricket, ice hockey, Australian rules football, American football, motor vehicle racing, tennis, golf, horse racing and others. A person who is involved in any type of competitive sporting activity is usually known as a sportsman. A sportsperson is usually defined by the level of skill that he or she possesses in a particular sport.

Sport psychology is an important part of the sports world. The field of sports psychology seeks to understand why some people succeed in certain fields and fail in other fields and why some people have a liking for certain activities and dislike others. Sports psychologists attempt to identify the psychological factors that lead to success or failure in sports and apply these findings to their own sports therapy and practice. A major area of sports psychology is sports performance psychology, which attempts to determine the factors that affect the extent to which athletes are able to train and improve their performance.

Many of the techniques used by sports psychologists can be applied to other domains of health care, like counseling techniques are also used by sports psychologists to understand why some people are successful in sports and why some people are not successful in sports. Sports psychology is an emerging discipline in the field of psychology with its scope constantly expanding as research efforts are conducted to understand the factors that influence sports performance and the physiological processes that go along with it. A major field of research is applied behavioral analysis, which attempts to explain the phenomenon of athletes’ performance. There is also emerging research in the area of neurobiology and the study of the relationship between brain functions and athletic performance.